Brake Services

Muffler Man's ASE Certified auto repair specialists know each and every component of your brake system inside and out. In fact, we have cost-effectively repaired foreign and domestic Brake Systems for all makes & models for thousands of satisfied customers since 1967!

Brake Service & SystemsAre your car brakes squealing out loud each time you attempt to hit them? Could they be trying to tell you something? How frequently should you replace your brake pads?

Brake pads contain friction material and are configured to fit into a brake caliper. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pad is forced against the brake rotor bringing the vehicle to a stop. This action creates heat and possibly noise.

Brake repair isn’t something you can delay. And at Muffler Man Auto Service Center, we fully understand your needs. This is exactly why we get your brakes repaired as easy & affordably as it can be! You can expect a dependable, quick, as well as cost-effective remedy to having your car back in-shape.

Other critical components of the brake system include brake hardware, brake fluid, hoses, cables and hydraulic parts. With any sign of steering or handling trouble such as tire wear or looseness, the brake system should be routinely inspected every 12 months/ 12,000 miles.

Some vehicles have brake shoes and brake drums on the rear axle which execute a similar braking function. Most vehicles today have ABS braking systems (Anti-Lock Braking), which eliminate skidding from locking up the wheels.

From brake pad replacement to repairing rotors to upgrading brake cylinders to dealing with Anti-Lock Brake System concerns, Muffler Man Auto Service Center offers complete repair service for your entire vehicle’s brake components.

Muffler Man's ASE Certified auto repair specialists are conditioned to support modern day's sophisticated and complex brake systems. We are able to examine your vehicle's braking system to make sure that it is operating smoothly or to identify a problem and provide recommendations as well as a quote for repair.

At Muffler Man Auto Service Center, if our assessment shows your brakes need repairing, we are going to make specifically clear what’s needed and necessary, what’s recommended and also supply you with a written estimate before any tasks are carried out.

Whatever your vehicle’s brake system needs and with locations all through — Grand Rapids, Ludington and Big Rapids, Michigan and Cape Coral Florida, Muffler Man Auto Service Center is capable of executing our service at the lowest prices, to make certain that your car is in proper working condition! Call us today!

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