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It’s highly recommended that you visit your reliable auto mechanic from time to time to check on your engine’s condition. With Muffler Man Auto Service Center, your vehicle would receive professional inspections including detection of causes of belt noise!  You would not need to worry because with ASE Certified mechanics, you’ll get advice straight from the experts!

Coolant + Water.

 A mixture of these two is used up by your radiator every time you drive to lower the temperature in the engine system of your car.  The hotter your engine gets, the more pressure is given to the cooling system. Similar with the other car parts, coolant is not exempted from breaking down and so it must be replaced or else worse things would occur.  Your trusted radiator service shop would tell you that flushing the old coolant is the best way to do that.

Conducting a radiator flush would not just replace the old coolant but would also give you the following benefits:

– Elimination of Contaminants, Rust and Scale Deposits Build Up

A radiator service provider should know that contaminants must be flushed down the system together with the old anti-freeze system.  Ideally, they would wait until they see clear water running at the end.

Rust and scale deposits cause inefficient heat transfer which may lead to overheating and worse- damage to radiator.  Scales are from dissolved calcium salts in our water supplies that we use for cleaning the radiator.  They are produced from a simple chemical reaction wherein calcium carbonate is precipitated.

– Prevention of Interior Surface Corrosion

Corrosion in the engine’s interior surface (removal of protective film) is caused by the bursting effect of boiling antifreeze that has been exposed to high temperatures of the cylinder heads.  Introduction of new antifreeze with anti-foaming additives would lessen the bubbles formed and protects the engine from corroding thus increasing the efficiency of heat transfer in the system.  Usually, it is part of the radiator service to include a system inspection to check for leakage in the system.

– Lubrication and Protection of the Water Pump

Anti-freeze does not just keep your radiator water and engine from freezing or boiling, but it also functions as lubricant to the water pump.  As it gets lubricated, water pump works more efficiently in moving the antifreeze throughout the car system therefore maintaining the best performance of your car.

Frequency of Radiator Flushing

The information on this matter is best given by your reliable radiator service provider or may be referred to your car’s manual.  But usually, the regularity of flushing down the coolant depends on the following conditions:

Areas with moderate climates – once a year
Areas with harsh winter – twice a year (at the start of the season)
Areas with scorching summer – twice a year (at the start of the season)
When antifreeze pH level is too acidic.  You may check its acidity by using litmus test which you can buy from your nearest car parts store.
After every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Truly, we love to take care of our own cars. But the professionals are much better than us!  That’s why with Muffler Man Auto Service Center, you would receive an ASE Certified radiator service that you need for your car. Dial 616-855-1968 and be welcomed by our friendly service Auto Repair Service Center!

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There have been countless arguments between fuel injectors and carburetors. Some say that fuel injection systems are alot better than Carburetors.  In fact, fuel injection services in Grand Rapids is one of the sought after services. So to make it clear, advantages and disadvantages of both are listed down so that you may have a better understanding of the two.

Fuel Injection Systems

This system mixes fuel and air to burn in an engine combustion chamber.  Since it is a part of computerized system, fuel is sprayed at precise and regular intervals.


  • Ability to run higher compression ratios when the fuel is injected.
  • With fuel injection system, there is no need for frequent tune-ups.
  • Fuel injection setup is simple.
  • The use of different sensors for detection of various changes such as altitude, throttle position, weather condition which would correct the amount of fuel to be delivered to the cylinders.  This maximizes the economy and engine’s power.
  • Easier to start especially during harsh winter season.
  • Precise, constant and accurate supplication of fuel to the engine.
  • Saves excessive fuel consumption.
  • Provides quick response when it comes to adjustments.
  • Fuel burns efficiently because it becomes atomized as it passes through the cylinder.


  • With electronic fuel injector, you cannot use leaded gas.
  • Repairing fuel injectors is not easy as compared with carburetors.
  • Fuel injection system is a lot more expensive than a carburetor upgrade.
  • This system usually has a shortened life unlike with carburetors.

Carburetors are almost completely replaced by fuel injection system.  However, when it comes to power and performance, they can still be the car owner’s perfect choice.


  • Carburetor parts are not expensive as that of fuel injectors, especially EFI, which would give you large savings.
  • You get more air and fuel when using carburetor.
  • In terms of road test, carburetors have more power and precision.
  • Carburetors are not restricted by the amount of gas pumped from the fuel tank which means that cylinders may pull more fuel through the carburetor that would lead to denser mixture in the chamber and greater power as well.


  • With carburetors’ complexity, the car owner is subject for more expenses because it needs to be cleaned and opened up regularly to obtain outstanding fuel economy.
  • More fuels are consumed since carburetors are heavier than fuel injectors.
  • More air emissions than fuel injectors.
  • Not-so-good use of fuel since normally each car has one carburetor for all of its cylinders.
  • They are becoming less and less sought after because a lot of improvements are seen in fuel injectors.
  • Maintenance costs of carburetor is higher than with fuel injection system

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of carburetor and fuel injector is one of the effective ways to help you decide what is best for you.  In addition to that, consulting with the trustworthy auto service company would further assist you on your dilemma.  Whether to go for carburetor or fuel injection, you should only call Muffler Man Auto Service Center and get the professional advise you are seeking!

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In order to realize what advantages custom exhaust can provide as compared with the restrictive stock exhaust, let us itemized each exhaust component and see what benefits they can contribute once they are modified.

Increased in Horsepower

With custom exhaust, an increased in horsepower can be attained through the following:

  • Cat-back exhaust – unlike restrictive stock pipes, cat-back exhaust offer higher flowing units which product additional horsepower.
  • Headers or exhaust manifold – unlike with stock headers, custom exhaust manifold does not just focus on the flow of exhaust gases.  It lessens backpressure since it allows quicker exit flow of gases.  Faster exit flow of gases means faster burning of fuel.
  • Resonator – this car ad-on yields more horsepower without wasting much fuel.

Improved Engine Sound

 Noise control is managed by two parts of exhaust which are mufflers and resonators.

  • Mufflers – Different areas with their own zoning regulations are mostly not favourable for the racers.  They would be allowed provided the maximum level of 95 to 100 decibels is followed within 100 feet.  With a modified muffler, one can go below those limits without, in any negative way, affecting the engine’s power.
  • Resonator – this is a tube or chamber that produces sound waves that negate the residual noise that muffler cannot.  It is designed to produce destructive interference in the frequency range where the engine makes the most noise.  Resonators, as part of custom exhaust, must only be installed by a car mechanic.
  • Catalytic converter – this device helps mufflers and resonators in controlling and cutting down exhaust noise.  Unlike the resonator which cancels out noise, catalytic converter’s restricts the sound coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Increased Engine Performance

  • Mufflers – Modified mufflers are different from restrictive mufflers in such a way that they don’t create high pressure in the exhaust pipes.  High pressure (or backpressure) in the exhaust path lessens the amount of burnt gases that can flow from the combustion chamber into the exhaust plumbing which leads to low engine performance.  Custom-made mufflers minimize backpressure that allows a smoother flow of air and fuel into the combustion chambers thus increasing car’s performance.
  • Headers- similarly with mufflers, part of the custom exhaust is the modification of the car header.   It permits quicker exit flow of exhaust gases.

Reduction of Pollutants

  • Catalytic converter – it converts toxic emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen compounds) into non-toxic substances thus reducing pollutants. With less pollutants, you are going to pass the emission test.

One obvious reason why car owner would want a custom exhaust is to have a high-performance and high powered car.  Given the advantages above, it’s clear that several factors are involved.  Of course, as the car owner, you can have your own designs but you cannot work alone.  It would still be best to visit your trusted car mechanic to have the job done right!

For complete car repair service and Grand Rapids muffler service, choose Mufflerman Auto Repair.  Visit now and allow the experts to answer every question you have!

Nowadays, modifying the vehicle’s exhaust system is becoming one of the hobbies of car owners.  Of course, it does not just provide them and their cars the aura they wanted to project but it also improves their car performance in every way.  Check on the following parts which you may consider changing when you decide to have a custom exhaust job.

Cat-back Exhausts

One of the common parts of a custom exhaust is the cat-back exhaust system.  As its name says, it is a catalytic converter installed at the tailpipes.  This system gives the vehicle a more efficient run, better fuel economy and increase in torque.

Purpose:  It is designed to produce more horsepower by providing higher flowing units than restrictive stock pipes and mufflers.


Another thing to consider if you want to have a custom exhaust is the car headers.  But before you proceed for your own header design, you must consider several factors such as engine capacity, number of cylinders and the usable RPM (max).

Purpose:  Its main objective is to help the engine collect and push exhaust gases out of the cylinders.  It increases the horsepower of the car’s engine.


Custom exhaust design would not be completed if you would not include mufflers on your list to be altered.  Without these, your vehicle would give a loud not-so-good-to-hear sound.  Another function of mufflers is to drive out corrosive and poisonous gases that leaked from a damaged exhaust system.

Purpose:  Mufflers are installed to cancel out most of the noise produced by your vehicle.


Unlike mufflers, resonators come in smaller size and of different shape but functions similarly.  If you like to have custom exhaust with resonator, you must let your professional muffler center install it.

Purpose:  Resonators are intended to cancel out engine noise that mufflers cannot capture.

Catalytic Converter

Most of the cars manufactured from the 1980’s onwards have included the very important catalytic converter.  With a properly functioning Catalytic Converter, you would not be bothered by ‘check engine’ light.  Installation of catalytic converter must be done by your trusted car service shop.

Purpose:  Catalytic converter lessens the exhaust pollutants in your car and lets you pass the emission test. It works by converting the hazardous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide through oxidation.

Down pipes

Another part of custom exhaust job is the installation of new down pipes.  A single down pipe would be fine if your car has four cylinders.  There are also instances where Y pipes would be required so that exhaust gases would be lead to a single end.

Purpose:  Contributes to more power and improved engine sound.

Take note:  Evidently, it is going to be exciting to perform a custom exhaust plan.  But you have to remember that this work must be done by a certified car service shop who can assure you of the quality of their work.

With Muffler Man Auto Service Center you don’t need to worry about wrong prescriptions and disappointing results!  They promise to provide the highest standards of car repair in grand rapids to their customers and faithfully educate them about their vehicles!  Call one of our locations today!

There are different reasons why you hear a belt noise every time your vehicle accelerates.   Each cause would mean a different approach and solution to stop the screeching car belt.  Check out the following conditions:

Car belt screeches because it is loose.

To check if the belt is loose, press it down with your finger to check its tightness.  If belt goes down more than ½ inch, it must be tightened.

Solution:  Check if you have installed the right belt size.  Inappropriate size of the belt is one of the reasons why drive belt are loose which results in belt noise.  Furthermore, check your owner’s manual for proper guidance or seek for the advice of the nearest car mechanic.

One or more of the tensioners loses its spring. 

Tensioner’s function is to hold a predetermined amount of tension on a drive while the engine is at work.  Springs may lose due to belt fatigue.

Solution:  Conduct a regular total visual inspection of the belt tensioner and take note of slow spring action or lateral movements.  If you observe either of these signs, put on the new tensioner.  It would be best if you allow an auto mechanic to do this job.

Car belt is cracked and glazed.

One of the causes of belt noise is cracked and glazed belt.  If the belt has that condition it slips whenever the car speeds up and therefore creating noise.

Solution:  Upon checking with your car mechanic, your car belt must be replaced if there are at least three cracks per inch.  Although if there’s a one deep crack which is more than half the belt’s thickness, replace it immediately.

Factors that Affects Life of Car Belt

  • Quality and quantity of the accessory load.
  • Exposure to road debris.
  • Age –  if you are using your car belt for almost 60,000 miles already, you must replace it before it breaks.

Remember:  Once you hear belt noises, you must give attention to it.  Of course, you would not like it if your belt breaks while you are driving.  Here are some possible things to happen:

  • You would not have power brakes – This may be a little scary but you don’t have to panic because there’s still a way to steer and brake your vehicle. It’s just that you would need more time to stop the car.
  • All car warnings would light up on the dashboard – if you have car belt that is connected with a water pump, a warning for your cooling system would light up on the dashboard.  You must not take that alert for granted because that would lead to overheating and further engine damage.  It’s necessary that you open your windows and pull over the soonest time.
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