Catalytic Converter Repair and Replacement

Your catalytic converter is an essential part of your vehicle's engine performance or catalyst system.

 Who would want a car that has pollutants flowing out of the back as a result of a clogged catalytic converter or a catalytic converter that’s not functioning along with your oxygen sensors? Everyone knows that looking for a catalytic converter could be a very daunting and complicated task. It is the core of your vehicle’s emission system.

For those who have queries or questions about Catalytic Converters, issues with your vehicles emission system, or you simply need help understanding how it works, give Muffler Man Auto Service Center a call! We have a truthful and straightforward answer for you. Muffler Man Auto Service Center in Grand Rapids,Ludington and Big Rapids, Michigan and Cape Coral Florida will deliver results at low prices for any vehicle, may it be a stock replacement muffler or catalytic converter to a complete engine overhaul.

Besides our muffler and custom exhausts, we offer and set up direct fit converters or universal converters for your vehicle. We have partnered with top line converter manufacturers in the country and from that list, we have picked the best quality, direct fit units designed for your vehicle, at highly competitive pricing.

If you haven’t taken advantage of our numerous services, please spend some time and check out our comprehensive list. 

Our ASE Certified mechanics & technicians are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools available to tackle all of your muffler and catalytic converter needs.

You will definitely realize why our loyal clients say that we are so much more than “just a muffler shop”!
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